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Ankur Jain 23 December 2022 by Oracle

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2022 Certified Professional

Issued by Oracle

An Oracle Autonomous Database 2022 Certified Professional has demonstrated the knowledge required to provision, manage, monitor, and migrate workloads to Autonomous Database, both on shared and dedicated Exadata infrastructure. Individuals who earn this certification understand and successfully use the features, workflows, and architecture of an Autonomous Database. In addition, they are capable of using Autonomous Database tools to develop on Autonomous Database. Up-to-date training and hands-on experience or practice in Autonomous Database is highly recommended. This certification is available to all candidates, including on-premise DBAs, Cloud data management professionals, and consultants.

Expiration Date: December 23, 2024


Migrate to Autonomous Database
Provision Autonomous Database
Deploy on Autonomous Database Shared Infrastructure
Deploy on Autonomous Database Dedicated Infrastructure
Leverage Autonomous Database Tools
Develop on ADB
Manage an ADB
Monitor an ADB

Certification Criteria