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Jon Adams 08 March 2024 by Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Architect Professional

Issued by Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Architect Professional certification is the Professional level OCI Architect certification that serves as the next level of credential for those who have already earned an OCI Architect Associate title. You must have already earned the Associate level certification to qualify for this certification. An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Architect Professional has demonstrated the hands-on experience and knowledge required to plan, design, implement, and operate solutions on OCI. The abilities validated by this certification include: Design Scalable and elastic Resilient solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery; Design Cloud-Native, Microservices, and Serverless Architecture; Deliver infrastructure as a code; Design, implement, and operate Oracle Database Services; Design for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures; Migrate workloads, Databases, and Data to OCI;

Expiration Date: March 08, 2026


Design and implement multi-tier Network Architectures
Design for Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Implement and Operate Database
Design for Multi-cloud Architecture
Migrate Workloads to OCI
Deliver infrastructure as a code
Database Security

Certification Criteria